Past exhibition Madrid
A dialogue between Old Master still lifes and the photographs of contemporary American artist Paulette Tavormina.

Art is a continuum: the past and present are timeless, woven together with gossamer threads. When captured in a photograph or a painting, a still life gives immortality to a single moment in all its beauty and fragility. So still lifes are perhaps the most timeless of pictures. This show featuring contemporary photography alongside a selection of the gallery’s quintessential Old Master paintings is the culmination of shared passion and immense dedication to life itself.

Still lifes are perhaps the most timeless of pictures - this exhibition dedicated to still lifes, consisting of selected Old Master paintings alongside the photographs of contemporary American artist Paulette Tavormina.
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The foundation is the brainchild of Jorge Coll and Nicolás Cortés, the owners of Colnaghi and Coll & Cortés, whose determination to inject new blood into the world of Old Masters is already provoking interest and excitement.

Recent Acquisition
Juan de Mesa's Saint Louis of France
The present sculpture was produced within a context of devotion and iconographic invention.

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Alonso Berruguete was one of the four “eagles” of art according to Francisco de Holanda. Vasari referred to Berruguete, talking about him alongside the greats of the Italian Renaissance such as Bramante, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. Berruguete has thus always been recognised as not only a great Spanish artist, but a world-class gure. In this book we present two works by him, representing very different aspects of his art but each one exquisite and rare

Notable sale during TEFAF Maastricht
Pedro de Mena y Medrano's
Saint Francis of Asissi